Marbledale Plumbing and Heating – 5 Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

What is a boiler?

  • A boiler is a pressure vessel that provides a heat transfer surface (usually tubes) between combustion products and water
  • Energy is released from the combustion of fossil fuels producing steam
  • A boiler is an essential component to providing comfort to the home
  • Used to heat up water, and provide heat to the entire house
  • Efficiency of a boiler can deteriorate over time from aging and disrepair
  • This can cause energy bills to increase
  • Boilers have improved considerably in recent years with advancements in technology
  • They are an efficient way to heat water in a home
  • They are highly durable, and can last for a long time with regular maintenance
  • They improve the comfort of a homeowner’s lifestyle and add value to to the property The boiler market is experiencing high demand, despite supply chain issues that continue to be a hurdle to manufacturers
  • The market for boilers is strongest in the Midwest and Northeast regions
  • The industry is also seeing a shortage of trained service technicians, and skilled labor Protecting the environment continues to be top-of-the-mind for homeowners, and

Boiler manufacturers are rising to the challenge

  • Technology meeting efficiency is the name of the game in today’s economy
  • Remote access and Smart-technology are the expectations of homeowners, receiving email notifications with warnings. alarms, and service reminders
  • Contractors need products that are easy to install and maintain
  • ‘The more BTU [British Thermal Units, a measurement of heatlthat can be installed in the smallest amount is of extreme value’ Lyndal Moore, sales manager at Raypak

5 Benefits of installing a pew Boiler:

Energy Efficiency; A new boiler will use the right amount of energy to deliver to a specific location. It sources power more easily minimizing energy waste, saving money on bills.

  1. Cost Savings: Saving money on energy bitts. Some rebates available through manufacturers or State government programs. Reduced maintenance cost, many have a warranty or guarantee. Parts are easier to source.
  2. Comfort: Provide better heat for an overall more comfortable lifestyle. Less noisy, more compact units take up less space. Efficient use of energy yields no fluctuation in


  1. Improved Safety and Reliability; Old boilers can bring about risks of fire hazard, carbon monoxide poisoning, and respiratory issues due to poor combustion or malfunctioning components. New boilers require less maintenance. Professionals follow state building codes for installation. Allowing a family to feel safe, secure and warm.
  2. Add Value to a Property: Improves the •green’ credits to a home. Home buyers are looking for cheaper energy bills, convenience (regular maintenance, easily repaired) and luxury for their peace of mind.

If you know someone thinking of upgrading their boiler to a more efficient model have them give us a call at Marble Dale Plumbing & Heating.


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