Business Relationships

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build trust and knowledge among our members by fostering the development of strong business relationships that allow for the growth of each individual.

What We Do

Want to Improve Business

Small businesses are at the core of our members. Offering a variety of educational and networking programming to help local small businesses thrive.  With a variety of professionals in the group everyone is able to make important referrals during weekly meetings.

Want to Improve Business

Our weekly goal is to build member relationships and knowledge to refer work internally and externally throughout the community. By referring members and their services we are able help grow each others businesses.

In the News

3Cares: Channel 3, Masks for CT team up to help pass out face masks in New Milford

NEW MILFORD, CT (WFSB) – Channel 3 and Masks for CT partnered again to help hand out face masks to members of the public.

Today was the sixth Channel 3 Cares sponsored event of Masks for Connecticut.

So far, more than one million masks have been handed out with the help of charitable donations and volunteer work.

Our Members