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Nicholas / Tobin Insurance has been a proud part of the New Milford community for over 40 years, and over those 40 years we really have been blessed and fortunate. We have a wonderful team of 14 who live in and around New Milford, with three offices located in New Milford, Kent, and Florida. We are licensed in over 27 states. The value we offer to our clients is that we represent over a dozen of the nation’s premier insurance providers to offer our clients a broad selection to fit their needs and their budget.

Why Do People Come To Us For Our Insurance Needs?

The main reason people come to us is rather simple.  When you really think of it, we all get to a point in our lives where we realize we need to surround ourselves with talented advisors to make our lives easier, and yes, safer. You hire an accountant, money manager, insurance advisor, attorney, and let’s not forget a great doctor. All of these experts are assembled to protect our assets and to make our lives better. And when the day comes that you need one of the services, you want to know you have the best team around to help you, your loved ones, and your business. Clients choose us for our attention to detail.  While many agencies use the words “advice and service,” we put due diligencecounsel and education first, followed by advice and service. At Nicholas / Tobin Insurance we truly work as a team. We start by assembling a very detailed profile of our client, their risks, financial exposures and needs.  We then set up a team meeting pulling in additional resources to discuss how best to craft the insurance program and we discuss which insurance provider in the market place specializes in that field.  Once the program is assembled and presented we go the extra mile to educate our client as to how their tailored insurance program works.  In contrast, how many times have you ever been handed an insurance policy and wondered what is in all the paperwork?  At Nicholas /Tobin Insurance, we take all the time that is needed to give our clients peace of mind and clarity so they understand the value of their program, the coverages that are in place and the services provided when they need to use them.    How good is your insurance program if you don’t know what is in it?  At Nicholas / Tobin Insurance we can provide the clarity and understanding that you want and deserve.

What Separates Us From Our Competition?

We believe it’s our approach. To accomplish this, we start by having a conversation. We ask our clients to provide us with a complete picture of who they are. We need to know what assets they have that we need to protect. We also ask them to share their lifestyle with us: travel, lack of travel, children, no children. Understanding all of these things play a role into crafting an insurance solution that is tailored for their needs. Sadly, the industry and many of our competitors seem to have gone in the direction of “naming your price” or “buy only what you need”, along with those agents that are constantly searching to find the cheapest insurance policy year in and year out just to win business. We compete with sound advice and counsel. We meet your needs, and we are there for you every step of the way. Think about it this way. We spend our entire lives working towards success: we try to grow our businesses, and increase our income and save for retirement. Insurance is the one valuable tool, that is intended to protect us from losing all of that.

The Question You Want To Ask Yourself Is How Good Is That Tool If You Are Always Looking To Buy The Cheapest One?

Wouldn’t the best tool for the job be one that performs the way you expect and need it to? Shouldn’t the tool fit the needs and demands of the job? If the answer to that question is yes, then price is secondary. Understanding the value of the the tool you are buying and how it will perform is of greater value than price.

Aren’t All Policies The Same?

The answer of course is no! It’s interesting, in every other industry, people know you would never make your product the same as your competitor. Yet with insurance, people are often misinformed or led to believe through commercials that somehow every insurance policy is the same, be it homeowners insurance, auto insurance, or business insurance. With over 133 insurance companies writing business in Connecticut alone, there are vast differences in the marketplace. Our job at Nicholas / Tobin Insurance is to navigate through the vast array of providers to find and tailor the best in class solutions to fit our client’s needs and budget. We recognize that everyone’s needs are different. What separates us even more is that we don’t stop there. We take the two most important steps of educating them on the value of their program and coverages. Our goal is to give them the peace of mind behind the program we have created for them.

Nicholas / Tobin Insurance, located in New Milford & Kent, Connecticut, provides its clients the highest quality insurance products and services available today to protect them, their families, and businesses. We offer homeowners insurance, renter’s insurance, car insurance, business insurance, travel insurance and more! Our commitment to service means our team of licensed insurance professionals is here to help with simple policy questions, consult with you to determine appropriate coverages and be available 24/7 when trouble strikes, and you need assistance managing through the claim process.


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