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Brandon Sprague

Active Health Finance & Business Development

Brandon brings experience in finance and project management to his work in the healthcare industry. He was educated at Columbia University in engineering and later obtained an MBA with a concentration in finance from Rochester University. He has worked in financial planning & analysis for large firms as well as M&A projects from both an analytic perspective and as a project manager. His corporate career was centered around helping large companies optimize their return on investment.

In 2017, Brandon left his corporate background to pursue a passion project of running a business with his wife Dr. Nicole Altorelli. He has applied his corporate background to help build a sustainable business model for their company Active Health. Brandon believes in a quality first service and seeks to challenge the modern “mill” style of healthcare by placing the power back into the hands of the consumer.  

Brandon Sprague
Active Health
125 New Milford Tpk.
New Preston, CT 06777
Office: (860) 868-7318
Text: (860) 689-1469